TCV&GEC Milestone Organization and culture Qualification & Certification


  • 2002 Announced ISO‐9001 Certification Obtained
  • 2011 Built GEC Moved to Jiading Industrial Park, China (5737 Ping)
  • 2011 Obtained Certification of special equipment manufacturing Obtained (Pressure pipeline)
  • 2015 Moved 2nd TCV factory was built in Taiwan Xinwu(3109 Ping)
  • 2015 Certification GEC announced the free Pneumatic Conveying System Detection Service
  • 2002 Established Global Equipment Corporation was established
  • 2000 Built Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Testing System was built
  • 1999 Enabled TCV factory was enabled in Taiwan Yangmei(1707 Ping)
  • 1997 Certification ISO‐9002 Certification Obtained
  • 1993 Enabled TCV factory was enabled in Taiwan Yilan(1168 Ping)
  • 1987Founded TCV was founded in Taiwan Taipei Luzhou