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System Health Checkup

GEC Free Pneumatic Conveying System Detection Implementation Details Application Form Download


GEC want to help enterprises that troubled to elusive and tough problems related to pneumatic conveying system base on the years of experiences、develop & design ability in this area to find the best solutions.


Enterprises belong to petrochemical, plastic, chemical and food related industries that will adopt pneumatic conveying system.

Service Area

China Market(Taiwan、Hongkong and Macao are not included)

Service Processes

Application(choose one as below)

  • 1. Download the《Pneumatic Conveying System Detection Application Form》from GEC website, fill in the detail information and then email to
  • 2. E‐mail to or call : 021‐39538866 – 213 to understand the details and ask for《Pneumatic Conveying System Detection Application Form》, and email back with all the information filled.
  • 3. Fax to : 021‐39108471,leave your information including company name and contact person, and ask for《Pneumatic Conveying System Detection Application Form》. GEC will contact you and provide you the application form once we receive your fax.


We will contact you after review your application form. We will verify and confirm if the information you provided is correct and if any need to be supplemented. GEC will inform you what you should provide before the detection as well and you should sign the《Service Agreement》as the specification basis for rights and obligations for service implementation, and the agreement will be effected with the official seals by both sides.


We will arrangement the time for detection in your using field once the audit period passed through. We will also discuss and explain what you need to prepare or other conditions while detecting.


We will go for detection with our technical & business people and find your problems out. Detection results and solutions we suggest will be provided to you within 10 working days.

System Improvement

Detection applicants should adjust and improve systems according to GEC’s suggested solutions.GEC will not involve to the implementation for system improvement and just provide the consulting service. Applicants should provide GEC the Thank You Letter as the recognition if the solution works.